Family Therapy

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Family therapy can assist family members, or people in close relationships, to improve and maintain healthy relationships with one another. Family therapy sessions may be done with several family members present or between just two family members. Family therapy sessions may focus on a variety of topics; however, common focuses of family sessions are communication, conflict resolution, coping with stressful events, and relationship strengthening. When working with children and adolescents, we often recommend family therapy sessions be incorporated into the treatment plan.  The family is an important part of a child/adolescent’s system, and family therapy sessions can assist in improving family dynamics and communication, and provide support and useful coping strategies.  Family therapy sessions are often useful for providing parents or other family members with helpful strategies to assist/intervene with a family member who may be struggling. Family therapy sessions focus on helping the family function in healthy and effective ways, while assisting each family member in feeling as comfortable and accepted/supported as possible.  Family sessions incorporate a variety of approaches and activities.