Dr. Amanda Campbell, Ph.D., LCP

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Amanda offers a therapeutic style that is driven by compassion and authenticity. This no-shame, non-pathologizing approach emphasizes that all patterns of thinking and behavior, even those that are initially perceived as problematic, serve to protect unseen emotional pain. In understanding where these patterns originate and their purpose, clients can begin to heal the underlying cause, thereby providing the space to construct the life they desire.

In the therapy room, Amanda prioritizes creating a strong therapeutic relationship, modeling self- and other compassion.  She promotes the use of mindfulness and other behavioral strategies to facilitate a calm, curious, and creative approach to exploring one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.  Her approach is flexible and oriented to the client and their unique needs, drawing primarily from principles of IFS Therapy, an evidence-based therapeutic approach.

Amanda  received her doctorate of philosophy in counseling psychology at Florida State University, where she studied multiculturalism and mindfulness practices. She has provided mental health services in both inpatient and outpatient settings including a behavioral health center, university clinics, and private practices, working with adults and adolescents. Most recently, she completed her pre-doctoral internship with the Veteran Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System, where she received formal training in Internal Family Systems Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy to address mood and trauma-related disorders in Veterans.